“1980: The Emergence of HIV”

Dr. Arthur Noble is a brilliant first-year medical resident in San Francisco, who has a stellar career ahead of him. However, all of Noble’s skills are put to the test when he encounters a strange new illness. The ailment seemingly appears out of nowhere, and serves its victims a most horrible and brutal death.

Noble struggles to find answers to the medical mystery, even as many researchers and society refuse to believe it is a serious threat, or that it even exists.

1980 is an authentic medical story about a disease that will eventually have an unimaginable impact on the entire world.

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"1980 is a fascinating read…that gets to the heart of one of the most frightening mysteries of modern medicine. Medical professionals will find it fascinating and the general public, compelling.”
A&U Magazine, America’s AIDS Magazine

"5 Stars". "1980: The Emergence of HIV is a wholly engrossing novel that brings the evolution of a long misunderstood and stigmatizing virus to the forefront. Delivered with an adept narrative that renders a sophisticated story with complex medical terms comfortable, David Cornish, MD writes with a skill reminiscent of Michael Crichton, blending factual events with fictional characters in a brilliant novel. The characters are all deeply developed and heavily layered, with just enough tension on each page to keep the level of suspense high despite knowing (to a certain degree) how the technical aspects of the story ends. I loved every page of this book and would award it a whole bucket of stars if that were possible."
Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite

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About The Author

David Cornish, MD, FACP, AGAF, is a gastroenterologist who is Chief of Medicine Emeritus and Chief of Gastroenterology Emeritus with the nation’s largest medical group, The Permanente Medical Group. He has been the Chair of Subspecialty Medicine for Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Chair of the Medicine Subspecialty Peer Review, and the Director of Outpatient Utilization Management. He lives with his family in California’s Great Central Valley.

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