“1877: A Northern Physician in Southern Ungoverned Spaces”

Dr. Charles Noble is a US Civil War veteran, and an Army surgeon reservist, who is recommissioned by the government eleven years after the war. Extreme violence in the former Confederacy, in anticipation of a national election, has caused President Grant to send additional federal troops to the Southern states. Dr. Noble uses his Army deployment as an opportunity to help heal the wounds and afflictions of Southern US citizens. However, terrorists are determined to counter Noble’s good intentions, as they threaten the civil rights, and the very lives, of all who oppose them.

1877 is a story that describes authentic medical practices of the day. It is also a story about one of the most turbulent, brutal, and cruel epics in American history.

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“5 Stars”. “Cornish’s latest is a prequel to his superb “1918: The Great Pandemic” involving Noble’s son Edward, and to the thrilling “1980: The Emergence of HIV,” featuring his great-grandson Arthur. All live up to the family name as they nobly practice medicine during arduous times. If you love historical fiction and cherish freedom, “1877” is a must-read! It has forever changed me.

An advance reader copy was provided in exchange for my honest review.”
Literary Soirée

David Cornish's 1877 has compelling characters who give the reader a sense of the selfless work of medical doctors in South Carolina during that time, both black and white… The story progresses at a steady pace. Tension builds. All this is told with a carefully researched historical background that gives an evocative relevance to the storyline. Cornish's 1877 is a powerful novel with a message. I thought the story and the history behind it were compelling.

Reader’s Favorite by Steve Leshin

Voted 2021 Best Indie Book by Shelf Unbound

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